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To speak of personal identity and cinematic worlds means to speak of "reference" in fiction and of the reception and personal appropriation – not only intellectual – of that fiction. This study deals with the personal "refiguration" of fictions according to the hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur, making reference to three films that depict dystopian worlds: Blade Runner, Brazil, and The Truman Show. Author’s understanding is that "refiguration" is to be considered as being a personal moment, a moment implying two things: the intellectual (technical) "comprehension" of a text, and the "application" of the meaning of that text by a person to his or her life. Aware that the two things -not chronologically separated- must be articulated by that person.


Film, Cinematics, Spectator, Person, Reception, Lecture, Sense, Meaning, Story, Narrative, Drama, Hermeneutics, Literature, Philosophy


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