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The growth of e-commerce and the ageing of the world population converges in a situation which represents significant challenges for the economy: a large population of over 65year-olds with major limitations for online shopping. The digital division, although reduced in certain sectors, in others, such as e-commerce persists. This research involves the study of 405 subjects, Spanish seniors aged between 60 and 79, to discover and analyse the barriers, motivators and behaviour with regards to shopping online. Using a telephone survey and a random sample, a typology of users was established as per their behaviour and perception of e-commerce. The main finding is the segmentation in eleven typologies of users, identified through cluster analysis. The major conclusions confirm the barriers related to data security or levels of confidence. Furthermore, with basic digital skills, seniors consider themselves capable of completing purchases on the Internet. Online shoppers feel empowered being digitally self-sufficient, while non-shoppers desiring to be independent, require the implementation of measures to aid the process on commercial websites.


E-commerce, Spain, seniors, behaviour, use, shopping


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