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This article is an analysis of the topic of violence as treated in the writings of Marx which are anterior to 1845, that is, those which correspond to his earlier period. The results of this study are compared with those which derive from an analysis of the same topic as treated in Marx's later works. Whereas in the writings of Marx which postdate 1845 violence is a topic which derives from others as a result of the characteristics which historical evolution adopts according to the essential postulates of historical materialism, in his earlier writings the topic of violence presents itself in a more unpredictable, more romantic and less elaborate manner. This type of violence is manifested in Marx's writings which appeared before 1845 by his verbal virulence: «filthy selfishness», «immorality», «monstrosity», «helotism of the workers and of the capitalists», «universal exploitation of the social being of man», etc ...
The topic of violence as «revolutionary indignation» is much clearer in Marx the young man, precisely because his system lacks at this moment those «Marxist» postulates which pretend to be a scientific lesson of history. When, after 1845, Marx comes upon what he believes to be the scientific key of history, his tones lose their virulence: there still remains violence, but it is violence which will be brought about by history in successive situations. This violence will not be the key of revolution, since revolution, according to Marx, presents itself as an inevitable evolution. The violence found in the earlier writings of Marx -which is easier to understand than the later type- explains the reason why, since several years ago, these earlier works find a wider audience within intellectual and political milieux which desire to «reconquer» Marx, taking away the monopoly enjoyed at the present moment by the Soviet Communists.

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Orden social y violencia