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Medico-biological manipulation is the application of scientific-natural methods and techniques on the part of a human being who is conscious of the fact that he is operating upon another -equally human- being, with the aim of inducing the latter to act in an unconscious manner in any particular direction. Manipulation has to fulfil, therefore, the following prerequisites: 1) the manipulator has to be conscious of his actuation upon the other human being; 2) the person being manipulated has to be a conscious individual, at least potentially; that is, he must be a human person, but 3) the manipulated subject must not be conscious of the fact that he is being operated upon. Bearing these prerequisites in mind, we can conclude that: 1) genetic manipulation is not possible, nor is cerebral manipulation, the latter form being understood within the framework of direct action on the brain -by means of neuro-surgical or neuro-physiological methods- since apart from being ineffective (at least it is very difficult to achieve concrete planned results). the abolition of conscious knowledge is lacking; 2) the utilization of drugs or the so-called brainwash are much closer to the concept of manipulation, Insofar as their applications and effects are concerned, although in these cases also, it is difficult to foresee the final result achieved upon the person being manipulated. In a word, an objective analysis of the biological techniques and of their results demonstrates that any fear in a future «robotization» of personality, founded wholly from a cultural point of view -think, for example, of the manipulation carried out by propaganda or through publicity- does not appear to have much chance of being converted into a reality, at least with reference to medical methods.

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