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This study touches on the intimate connection between two theological questions of undoubted interest -Jesus Christ and the evangelization of cultures- which form a double area for consideration, especially in these times. Taking into consideration the missionary drive of the Church -as can be appreciated in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi-, the author makes a through study of Christology, situating the question of evangelization in its correct framework. After analyzing contemporary terminology (especially the word "indigenization"), and referring to the essential elements of theological reflection on the mystery of Christ, the study analyzes the Church's view of its mission seen from the point of view of its Christological essence. Lastly the author establishes some doctrinal principies which are a the basis of his thesis on indigenization, for example: 1) Indigenization can only be understood and carried out in the light of the authentic mystery of Christ, 2) it is the end of the evangelization process and should not be treated as the means, 3) Christianity should fit into the native culture but before that can happen it should become part of the lives of individuals, 4) The central point of all evangelization is identification with Christ through means of grace and imitation of the mysteries of his life, 5) Authentic indigenization depends on catechesis treating the sanctifying value of human realities redeemed by Christ.


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