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Web 2.0 means audiovisual success. Consumption of on-line video remains on the upside, in a tendency that will continue in the short and medium term. Mobile devices increase this consumption. Brands can employ video to create community, to generate affection, to inform, to explain, to show their products and services and to attract customers. The present work analyses main video contents of Interbrand 2015 Spanish brands Youtube channels. Scientific literature in this field has lead to design a content classification that has been tested and updated in this work. 900 videos from 30 brands across diverse industries have been examined. The paper has lead to identify different audiovisual patterns according to the sector and it has detected a new type of content: branded factual, term that is proposed to designate real stories told by their protagonists but produced by brands. The two main video strategies are clear: marketing or public relations depending on the economic sector. But, it is concluded that there is a trend to hybridization that is necessary to explore.


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