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This article explores the work of argentinian director Lisandro Alonso starting from the nomadic man figure to the contemporary wanderer that no longer finds a place in the modern cities. In what way does Alonso´s work offer a new cartography of contemporary man? It could be said, after the exegesis of his filmography, through the challenge of the idea of humanity common of modern discourse. His filmography could be thought as a fake Latinamerican map, in the measure that abandons the political divisions (attached to different ideological practices) that other subcontinent´s cinema have drawn. In that way, it is exposed how the absence of certain shapes of territorialization (family, home, city) are un- mounted to give shape to the wandering. We believe that a cinema as Alonso´s anticipates itself to a new man, or at least, it constitutes a portrait of a necrology announced many years ago: the death of modern man.


Latin American cinema, Cinematic narrative, Errancy, Humanity, Lisandro Alonso, Cinema studies


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