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Many studies have focused on customer value and how it is created based on the performance of front-line employees in addition to the unquestionable role of top management. It is also necessary to analyze the creation of value within the organization from the role of middle managers. These managers are crucial to orient employees for promoting value for customers that in turn creates value for stakeholders.

Using an anthropological model we analyzed the creation of value in three organizational dimensions: economical, social and ethical, and how the role of middle managers contributes to this purpose. We applied a survey to 263 middle managers to identify their views about their role and their needs for assuming it. We designed and executed a program for developing the competencies and personal qualities required for fulfilling their role focused on the creation of value. This study included semi-structured interviews to explore the experience and beliefs of these managers about the main tasks they face according to the three dimensions of the model. Through the results obtained we designed a scheme to arrange the role of these managers. Finally, we validated a model to prepare them as leaders for creating value.

Palabras clave

Role of Middle Managers, Customer Value, Value Creation, Value for Stakeholders


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