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This research explores the opinions of Basque advertising professionals regarding the importance of distinct areas of competence to their daily work and those in which they plan to pursue additional training over the next five years. Results of a survey conducted in 2016 are compared with data from a similar study conducted in 2008. Findings indicate that although sector opinion in the Basque County regarding the relative need for specific competences in the workplace has not substantially changed between 2008 and 2016, digital marketing skills have become substantially more important during this period. The areas of competence practicing professionals continue to consider most relevant to their work are creativity and strategic planning, followed by digital marketing, sales skills, management, media planning, graphic design and advertising copywriting. In addition to the functional competences covered in the prior study cited above, this study addresses attitudinal competences, which individuals surveyed agreed were crucial in their field. The findings presented here offer professional insight into the relative weight that competences should have in distinct areas of undergraduate advertising and public relations curricula. Of interest to schools operating within the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, the data compiled on the importance of attitudinal competences in daily sector work strongly suggest that attitudinal competences should carry a specific weight in ECTS credits awarded in this type of undergraduate programme.


Competences, advertising and public relations studies, higher education, attitudinal competences, advertising agencies, Basque Country


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